About & Contact

Catherine Boyd is an established violin teacher with a teaching studio in Saginaw – North Fort Worth, Texas.

She began Suzuki violin lessons at age 5 with Gwen Runyon in Texas, studied with Sally Thomas at Meadowmount, and studied with Robert Davidovici in high school. A member of the Fort Worth Symphony at age 16, she was also concert mistress of the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra for 2 years. She graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English, and is an avid writer.

In recent years, she studied violin with Joey Corpus, South Indian (Carnatic) violin with Adrian L’Armand, and voice with Jody Kidwell. Other instruments include voice, mandolin, piano, and guitar. She performed with the Bay Atlantic Symphony.

In the DFW WOW program, Catherine received training for Suzuki Book 1. She is registered with the Suzuki Association. She also received training in the O’Connor Fiddle Method, and is registered as a fiddle teacher. She is accepting Suzuki, fiddle, improv, and songwriting students, and she has experience teaching all age levels.

Contact: CatherineBoydViolinist@gmail.com or 817.789.1043; email and text inquiries are encouraged, 24 hours a day.

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